samedi 7 janvier 2017

Mystères en France. Mysteries in France

... The castle of Chambord is a mystery. We do not know his architect and where are the plans? Do you have any information?
Pour commencer l'enquête : Doc de Marc Jampolsky

... Le masque de Fer. Man with the iron mask. Voltaire is the first to speak of this enigma in his work "Century of Louis XIV". An unknown prisoner was locked in the biggest secrecy at the castle of Île Sainte-Marguerite. Do you have any information ?

... Le château Fougeret est le plus hanté de France. The castle Fougeret is the most haunted of France. The house located near Poitiers attracts attention as being the most haunted place in France. Unexplained phenomena suggest that a heavy burden hangs over the estate. Do you have any information ?

... Les "Arêtes de Poisson" de Lyon. The "Edges of Poisson" of Lyon. Labyrinth of underground galleries that world archaeologists do not understand utility. Do you have any information?

... Soon follow other mysteries in France

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